Chartered December 4 1969                 Quarterly News Magazine                           Serving the Kingsland Area Mason
Kingsland Masonic Lodge #1424
Officers 2008 - 2009
Worshipful Master
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Senior Deacon  
Junior Deacon
Senior Steward
Junior Steward
Kingsland Masonic Lodge
600 Texas Avenue
P O Box 65
Kingsland, Texas 78639
325 388 - 3949
previous months
December 1, 2008
Monday- Meal / Stated Meeting 6:30 Meal 8:00 meeting, Entertainment:  Stacy Nobles Band:
Food committee Chair: Order of Easter  Star (Chili)                             more 
December 8, 2008
Monday-  Entered Apprentice Ceremony 7:00 pm  more
December 13, 2008
Monday-  Practice 7:00 pm  more
December 15, 2008
Saturday-  Photos at Packsaddle Elementary w/ Santa  more
December 22, 2008
Monday-  No Practice      more
December 29, 2008
Monday-  Practice 7:00 pm  more
January 5, 2009
Monday- Meal 24/ Stated Meeting 6:30 Meal 7:30 meeting, Food Committee Chair: Harry Keil (Brisket)                  more
January 12, 2009
Monday-  Practice 7:00 pm  more
January 19, 2009
Monday-  Practice 7:00 pm  more
January 25, 2009
Monday-  Practice 7:00 pm  more

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Todd Boyd
Monroe Joslin
Jerry Boatright
Gene Broadway
Jim Simmons
Red Parrish
Henry Minton
Robert Harris
Walter McLeod
Harry Keil
Gearld Marx
Entered Apprentice
Master Mason

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