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Message from our Junior Warden
    As some of you know, All TV broadcasting is changing Feb 17th, 2009. Less than two months away, Every Station in America will change to a different way of transmitting over the Air TV Signals. (All Digital Signals)   What does it Mean?  If you get your TV stations by Satellite Dish or Cable.  No problem, You will see No Change.  Any Age or size TV will be just fine.
    Now if you get your TV signals by using an antenna on your Roof or Rabbit Ears.  Then you may lose your signals come Feb. 17th.   If your TV is Less than 2 years old,  Most likely It will have the New Digital Tuner built in to process the New Digital signals. Consult your owners manual as you may have to "Learn" the TV where the new Channels are now located.
    If your TV is greater than 2 years old, You can still keep your TV going by Adding a "Converter" box to your old TV.  This is the box that sits on top of your TV and receives the New Digital signals,   Then it  converts them back to the old type Signal.   Usually Channel 3.   All your channel changing is done at the Converter Box, and the TV is left on Channel 3 at all times.
    Converter boxes are available at Walmart, Sears, Radio Shack, Best Buy and others.    They are priced between 50 - 75 dollars.
    The US government has a program to provide a 40 dollar coupon to help you pay for a box.   Limit 2 coupons per household.  No cash value to the coupons.
    You can go to Gov. Web site for details on how to get Coupons:
    You can also phone:  1-888-225-5322 for information.
    And the days of seeing "Snow" on your TV when the signal fades are now gone.    You will not see Snow,  But when the digital signals fades you will have 'Pixel' freeze.   The picture on the screen will freeze in place, Kinda like hitting the pause button your VCR.  Of course it will return to normal in a few seconds if the signal is there.
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